Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fashion Graphic

Recently .. not recently , since few years ago designers started to show fasion graphic or video of brands. And some of designers substituded their collection to video.Designers like Gareth pugh. In F/W 2009 Gareth had presentation, but that presentation was ultimatly impressive. It wasnt like other designers presentation. It was very economic and very inspiration.Let me show,,, :)

And These are kinda little old like 2 years ago ...Prada showed very very artistic fashion video.LV also showed cute monogram of LV video.
I got so many inspiration from these 3 videos. I thought that i was in some fantasy world.. and it  was really fit in my mood. I always like to be in  somemood very mysterious.

This is the photo that i compiled it . I was really happy to compiling these all photos. And And And i mostly like a charater like little king or somthing who gave it to girl   in  prada trembled bossom video.kkk
and all the girls in prada videos are very beautiful and shiny.

This is short video of F/W IN 2008/2009


  1. I love that prada video!