Saturday, October 2, 2010


WONZ FASHION: MILAN FASHION WEEK HIGHLIGHS: "As we already've seen Milan fashion week, We all know Milan was as usual but more strong. I think this season Milan was so pure ,minimal,70'..."


As we already've seen Milan fashion week, We all know Milan was as usual but more strong. I think this season Milan was so pure ,minimal,70's, strong and powerful.Milan started the first day with Gucci and  end with Roberto Cavalli .

First is 70's.We could see 70's in Gucci , Pucci and more. As soon as i saw Gucci and Pucci i thought about old comedy sitcom"That show 70's".You know very colorful and Very long pants(not skinny pants).It was so 70's.How Gucci and Pucci reinterpret 70's , is just Great!

Second, As you already would've known , Minimalism has bee coming to the fore of Fashion keyword since last season.Again Designers like Raf simons in Jil sander showed us SUPER MINIMALISM.Very Wearable and Gorgeous at the same time.My favorite item in Minimalism trend is suit jacket. I think it is very chic and little bit of  something of masculine in there.

Third,A lots of colors.In this season in Milan, not like New york we could see a lots color in Fendi and Jil sander.Purple,Yellow Green and more...  Maybe i guess,That is related with 70's.70's was so colorful,so we can see a a lot of color.There is so many things related.70's at the same time Minimalism at the same same time colorful etc.

Fourth,Lyrical atmosphere.This is just my personal observation.But when i first saw Alberta Ferreti show,i felt very poetry and delicate feeling immediately.Actually i love the feelings like delicate and lyrical.It really makes me relaxed and comfortable.Alberta Ferreti used to be lyrical but this season was much more strong than any other season, i think.

Fifth,ANNIVERSARY!!!Roberto Cavalli had 40 year-old anniversary in this season. There were Natalia Vodianoba, who open Roberto Cavalli in this season.When she first came out i just thought that voluptuous girl immediately.Whole pieces were really sexy and very aggressive at the same time,You know Cavalli girls are always aggressive.We easily recognize that from that make-up and clothe.Lets see

AND finally i picked Best Shows in Milan just to me.This is personal so i just want you to get this not serious.

First Best is Dolce & Gabbana.Dolce&Gabbana is my favorite brand ever. It is very powerful and sexy.
we could see the table fabrics and see- through fabric in the show.Natasha Poly opened this season again and her powerful walking was just fit in Every season. Let's see Dolce ~~`

Second is Prada.I think Prada in this season has changed.Stripes and colorful suit.but we could see just Chic suit from Prada as usual ,too. And furbags were beautiful and shoes were so soso great.It was best in Milan.

And last is Bottega Veneta.I love Bottega Veneta all the time and i think this season was best.It was pure and very chic.Suit style and very poetry dress, it was just not to mention to be best. I heard Tomas Maier didnt wanna use the many color in this season from video. Maybe that's why colors arent in his show ,but that is not a point.only the point that I'm saying is i love Bottega Veneta.