Sunday, August 29, 2010


WONZ FASHION: ICON:FASHION BLOGGERS: " Tavi Gevinson is one of mostly famous fashion blogge.I first saw her in's Marc Jacobs show vedio, and i just thought that 'Who..."



Tavi Gevinson is one of mostly famous fashion blogger.I first saw her in's Marc Jacobs show vedio, and i just thought that 'Who is that little young girl?' and then after i found about her  i realized that she was famous fashion blogger and her age was just 13!!! so i shocked it alittle and immedietly i started to like her blog and her.She inspired so many people.She is same age as me and i'm honor that she's in my age.As i see her blog it is very cute and artistic blog.She motivated me to re-start my fashion blog. Her blog is

He is a fashion blogger and, his blog is designers one of favorite blogs.Also i first saw him in's Marc Jacobs vedion with Perez Hilton.He usaully wears shades like Anna Wintour(Am i wrong?).WHATEVER!
He is youth fashion ASSET.His blog is

Susie Buble! As soon as i saw her i got some inspiration by her bangs and her accent.She is like cool kids in street and also with High Fashion. I think that she is very well in styling herself.Her big eyes are cute.Funny thing is when i type her name i always type SUSSIE BUBBLE(It is not SUSSIE BUBBLE it is SUSIE BUBBLE).Anyway her unique fashion style inspires so many young fashion people.Her blog is


Saturday, August 28, 2010


WONZ FASHION: CHIC IN RESORT: " In 2011 resort (it is little late to post about resort sorry :p ) many designer showed very chic style.Designers like Marc jacobs, Vito..."


 In 2011 resort (it is little late to post about resort sorry :p ) many designer showed very chic style.Designers like Marc jacobs, Vitor&Rolf, Michael Kors, Francisco in Calvin Klien, Donna Karen, Narciso Rodrigeuz and more...Especially Men Suiting style became one of being chic style.on the other hand French Coat is still the item of Chic style.

To me Calvin Klien was the best resort collection.It was very sophisticated , Chic and very subtle at the same time. It  is almost white CHIC SUBTLE RESORT COLLECTION.I love it.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

We remember 90's

As 90's style comes back to this fall and winter i'm pretty interested in 90's fashion more.Actually 90's used  to be my favorite moment in fashion.cuz it has a little dark side with creative and sexy.This vedio is Sugar Kane By Sonic Youth. Marc jacobs is in this vedio.It is very 90's and artistic.

And we also think about Gianni Versace.He was so iconic designer and representitive of 90's sexy. yo!I also love about his campaign.It was justice about 90's.

We also can remeber of TOM FORD GUCCI.He is kinda saviour of 90's Gucci.Gucci had been in a trouble but after he charged Gucci came back.He was just brilliant designer ever!

AND old stuff in 90's

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


i luv these two really impressive and inspired designer.They've been keeping title of Ethnic designer for a long time. Their shows are always unique and quite sensational.

These are their quite old fashion shows like 9 year ago

John Galliano campaign

                                                           Jean Paul Gaultier campaign

This fall and winter these two designers were pretty into their own philosphy.
John galliano's show was very wasnt really wearable but it was very John.
Jean paul gaultier's show was very ethinic in his own way and i just felt like travel in the india.

i luv u   xoxo

Sunday, August 22, 2010



After i shooted my hand i realized that my hand is ugly.


I read about 'Alice in wonderland' in library.As soon as read it 1 page i thougt about Marc Jacobs immediatly.Those girls are little pale and they have no expression on their face.So i just thougt that is like Marc Jacobs this fall and winter show ,campaign and some young models in thesedays like JAC or LINDSEY or JAQUELYN. i luv what they are wearing and their delicate face. And one of the things that i luv this book is this book is not about a story this is about introductions of writer and charaters. 

Friday, August 20, 2010


Marc by marc jacobs are always for teens and little bit like unique and very street style.Anna sui is for teen cute girls her collection is very cute and always like a Gossip Girl.And i was gonna post it about proenza full piece but so many bloggers already post it.So i jus post it detail shot.It is very grounge and chic.

This was one of my favorite tv shows.It was very cool and the things that i love it about was it some has got little depressive side.and there fashion's were really cool it was very street and wearable.

And finally i guess that all the fashion people know about her.she is very young but she is already fashion icon.she is very unique and she has got her own fashion style.

Teens xoxo X)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Yoko Ono is one of my favorite stars.She is icon to me who is really delicate and talented.i love her works.
It makes me little comfortable and stable on it.
This song is one of my favorites either.I thought that i'm on traveling of  some tiny thing.
It is super delicate and attractive.


When i first saw these sweater with dress style.I just crushed into it. I dont know maybe these style would't be the trend in this fall and winter but i really luv it .It reminded me of some fairy tales.I thought that i go back to child again.It was like mysterious girl in the forest.How the things can be that fantastic harmony>?

Sunday, August 15, 2010


These shoes are this season beyond fashion shoes.These are all very artistic and very masterpiece.
Appropriate describtion of these shoes are just about beautiful,fantastic,brilliant,perfect,and more.
Recently fashion has been little bit boring(it was very smart but about  recession......).
but these shoes made it fashion is still elegance and artistic.

Friday, August 13, 2010

La vie est un long fleuve tranquille

My favourite french movie 'La vie est un long fleuve tranquille'.It is really great and little profound movie at all.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This 2010/2011 fall and winter RAG&BONE showed us how to layered well. Layering is kind of put on mixed clothes like belt shirt scarf or plenty of accessories.and pros of layering are very easy to wear,comfortable,keep the warm and wearable.These are the reason that people usally find layering in each season.when we layer the styling we dont really have to full make up and hait setting.Hair and make-up would better to be little like after i highly recommend layering style in this fall winter.

And here are the picture that i layered it.I styled like little simple layer styling.I styled two belts with black shirt and gray t-shirt in the inside.Those belts are different materials.but it is really fit in it and i styled muffler. and i styled gray coat and beggy pants and boots.i think people can really easy to find their on layering style.Hope to find your own layering style>3

Monday, August 9, 2010

From my mom's closet

This carmel coat is from my mom's old closet. she said she used to wear that coat in almost end of 90's.
but i think it is very fashionable.That mean is It is time to looking back your old closet and find some gorgeaous coat or skirt or etc.
And this is what i styled it. These are all from my mom's closet either.
Also it is very trendy. i think that we can find treasures in our closet.
(as i post it before long skirt is very chic and elagance...>3)

what is the trend in this fall and winter?

last 2010 spring/summer collection CELINE started to show carmel color but, in this season carmel color is trend color again. carmel color is becoming new black!carmel color is great with khaki or black or can match with it!
Fur is also IT item in the winter.but something is little different in this season.This season CHANEL showed faux fir!!!So im predicting faux firs demanding will be increased thanks to CHANEL.
This season a lots designers styled skirts or pants with high weist.
maybe we can expect to this style in this fall and winter.
About skirt length!
Untill the last season skirts length were pretty short(mini).
but this fall and winter we dont really have to worry about legs.cuz skirts length are pretty long.
It is very elegance go back to 50's YEAH!
Black black black!
Black is always trend color in each season.Black color is the trend color again with carmel in this fall and winter again.CK,Donna Karen,Bottega Veneta and more brands showed very chic black coat.It was just FABLOUS!