Thursday, August 26, 2010

We remember 90's

As 90's style comes back to this fall and winter i'm pretty interested in 90's fashion more.Actually 90's used  to be my favorite moment in fashion.cuz it has a little dark side with creative and sexy.This vedio is Sugar Kane By Sonic Youth. Marc jacobs is in this vedio.It is very 90's and artistic.

And we also think about Gianni Versace.He was so iconic designer and representitive of 90's sexy. yo!I also love about his campaign.It was justice about 90's.

We also can remeber of TOM FORD GUCCI.He is kinda saviour of 90's Gucci.Gucci had been in a trouble but after he charged Gucci came back.He was just brilliant designer ever!

AND old stuff in 90's

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