Sunday, August 29, 2010



Tavi Gevinson is one of mostly famous fashion blogger.I first saw her in's Marc Jacobs show vedio, and i just thought that 'Who is that little young girl?' and then after i found about her  i realized that she was famous fashion blogger and her age was just 13!!! so i shocked it alittle and immedietly i started to like her blog and her.She inspired so many people.She is same age as me and i'm honor that she's in my age.As i see her blog it is very cute and artistic blog.She motivated me to re-start my fashion blog. Her blog is

He is a fashion blogger and, his blog is designers one of favorite blogs.Also i first saw him in's Marc Jacobs vedion with Perez Hilton.He usaully wears shades like Anna Wintour(Am i wrong?).WHATEVER!
He is youth fashion ASSET.His blog is

Susie Buble! As soon as i saw her i got some inspiration by her bangs and her accent.She is like cool kids in street and also with High Fashion. I think that she is very well in styling herself.Her big eyes are cute.Funny thing is when i type her name i always type SUSSIE BUBBLE(It is not SUSSIE BUBBLE it is SUSIE BUBBLE).Anyway her unique fashion style inspires so many young fashion people.Her blog is


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